Buyers' Club

Are your suppliers living up to your expectations?

As a CaterCloud user you can benefit from the substantial buying power of the E-F Group. We now have access to over £1bn+ in purchasing power across food and non-food categegories: and you can benefit too. There is no cost and members on average make savings of between 5 and 10%. Over the last 14 years we have built a network of trusted accredited suppliers across the UK  ranging from local to national. There is every chance your current supplier is part of our network, which means you can make savings without changing. So why wouldn’t you?

“I saw myself as an experienced buyer with many years’ experience within the industry. I could run my business, promote it and negotiate with suppliers. Nobody understood my business like me. Or did they? I entered into discussions with the E-F Group with no preconceived idea of the result. I was just testing the water. What they delivered was a 5% cost reduction. They went further to explain that with a few tweaks and changes a 5% reduction in procurement costs is the bottom line equivalent to increasing sales by 30%, and often easier to achieve.”  Business owner

Buyers’ Club sector specialists have over 80 years' combined buying expertise in:

Best value, negotiated on your behalf
Industry experts & extensive market knowledge in:
In excess of £80 million spend buying power
Direct deals with manufacturers
Beverages: hot, cold, and alcoholic
Supplier accreditation monitored on your behalf
Tendering & contracting
Fresh produce, meat & dairy
Sourcing & distribution solutions
Frozen & ambient food
Business analysis
Non-food, including categories listed below...

More about the Buyers' Club

In addition to food and beverages you can purchase: Catering Equipment, Furniture, Janitorial Supplies, Guest Supplies, Laundry and Linen, Stationery and Office Equipment, Uniforms, White Goods and Electrical Items.  You can also purchase services including: Communications, Electricity, Gas and Water.

The Buyers’ Club is FREE to use.

CaterCloud Buyers’ Club is FREE because by allowing us access to your buying data, you help us to build even more cost-effective and efficient buying networks.

Don’t want the online ordering and stock management system?

No problem, we can still achieve cost savings for you.  With our price negotiation only service we can negotiate better prices with your chosen suppliers, while you continue to trade and pay directly. Click *Price negotiation only, in the sign up box below.

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