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How technology is transforming catering operations

We uncover the benefits technology has on catering operations, including upcoming tech developments and our technology solutions

Allergies: Facts and misconceptions

Jacqui McPeake, Senior Allergen Advisor at Allergen Accreditation, uncovers some facts and misconceptions around allergens.

Horizon scanning – food labelling, what does the future hold?

Our Head of Food Safety and Compliance, Rob Henry, examines the future of food labelling, including new Eco labelling that businesses are piloting.

CaterCloud: keeping up with current legislation

Our resident Technical and QA Manager Rob Henry FIFST ACIEH, explains how CaterCloud remains ahead of the game with new legislation.

How to build your reputation as an allergen safe food service

Julian Edwards, CEO of Allergen Accreditation, discusses ways to build your reputation as an allergen safe food service.

Do food allergies affect certain age groups?

Jacqui McPeake and Julian Edwards, Allergen Accreditation, discuss whether food allergies affect certain age groups.