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Proud partnerships that enhance our allergen expertise

Having partnerships is essential to CaterCloud remaining ahead of the curve with any allergen news and changes in allergen Laws, so we can communicate these with our current and future clients

Natasha’s Law – What happens if I get it wrong…

Find out how to prepare your business to ensure compliancy with Natasha's Law.

CaterCloud to host FREE Natasha’s Law ‘Labelnar’ – a webinar with a difference!

CaterCloud's FREE, live 'Labelnar' focusing purely on Natasha's Law Labelling. This will be a no nonsense, caterer to caterer setup, ‘how to PPDS label’ in real life.

The power of the QR Code

CaterCloud offers QR code functionality to empower the end consumer by giving them the accurate information they require to make informed choices on the dishes you offer on your menu.

CaterCloud: your recipe bible, consistency moderator and much MORE

Are you looking for a reliable, forward-thinking application that not only gives you nutritional and allergen information, but can also provide a platform for your business to maintain standards across multiple sites?

Stay ahead of the game with CaterCloud – we’re revolutionising menu management

With customisable dashboards, ingredient and recipe libraries, fine-detailed costings, weekly and recurring menu planning, CaterCloud is revolutionising menu management.