CaterCloud team awarded Allergy Awareness Certificates

With the introduction of Natasha’s Law in 2021, managing allergens safely is now urgent for food businesses.

CaterCloud is investing a huge amount of effort and resource into improving and promoting its system. We are focused on ensuring CaterCloud stays at the cutting-edge to provide the best possible system to help our clients with the management of allergens, nutritional information, menus and costing.  Alongside all the worries associated with the Coronavirus outbreak, the correct management of food allergy information is another pressing concern that needs to be addressed by the food sector as efficiently as possible.  The team at CaterCloud needs to be able to provide clients with well informed and up to date advice.  So as a leading systems provider, CaterCloud is pleased to demonstrate that our team is comprised of qualified allergen aware experts.

The first group to undertake level three allergen training with Jacqui McPeake, Food Allergen, Catering Specialist, included: Andy North, Stephen Gallagher, Paul Linwood, Colleen Power, Steve Walker, Alex Gilroy and Paul Mizen. (pictured above proudly holding their certificates)

Allergen Training expert Jacqui McPeake commented, “I have seldom come across such an energetic and questioning class of trainees. The CaterCloud team are truly passionate about understanding allergens so they can assist their clients.

“It’s a complicated and fast changing topic with the new legislation making it essential that anyone providing pre-packaged food from 2021 onward is adhering to the letter of the law.  It’s not just about making sure that you follow the rules. We have all read the very sad stories about people who have had their lives ruined or taken away because of the increasing prevalence of food allergies.  Most catering operations I know want to be confident that they are offering safe food and the essential information in the clearest possible way. Ensuring your staff know what they have to do is the only way to ensure your customers are safe and protected. I am delighted to say that everyone from CaterCloud and e-foods passed with flying colours!”

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Published on December 11th, 2019

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