CaterCloud: keeping up with current legislation

CaterCloud has helped thousands of businesses remain compliant with new laws and legislation, but this is no coincidence. We ensure our customers have access to all the information they need, wrapped up in an easy-to-use leading-edge menu management solution.

Catercloud, the industry’s leading menu management and costing tool, has risen to the challenge of The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law. Our dedicated team ensures users have full access to label printing options that meet the PPDS requirements laid down by this legislation, as well as providing the correct tools to ensure a full ingredient declaration is possible.

CaterCloud’s developers have enabled the system to produce ingredient notifications if no allergens are profiled within an ingredient set up, which allows the user to define the source of the allergen for gluten and nuts for e.g.  WHEAT, RYE, QUEENSLAND OR BRAZIL. Additionally, the user has the option to include compound ingredient information, which are the ingredients that make up the primary ingredient i.e. the constituent parts of Mayonnaise. Users can input this information in a multitude of ways, such as free typing, copy and paste, or our upload function via an excel spreadsheet, which allows them to upload 1000’s of ingredients at once. Once the compound ingredient information is uploaded, the system will then display highly visible orange warning lozenges, highlighting allergens that have not been bolded within compound ingredient text, ensuring the user is aware before closing the ingredient out.

Within the CaterCloud system, there is a built-in suite of label templates to suit a range of requirements to display vital information for Natasha’s Law ingredient declaration and calorific values, including single labels or dual labels for the front and back of the packaging. The system also has integrations with Daymark’s Matt 85 Platform and Planglow’s Label Logic Live, click here to find out more. These are just some of the updates our team have worked on this year to ensure compliance.

CaterCloud is under continuous development to improve system functionality, aesthetics, and process flow, ensuring that all aspects of legislation and law are taken into consideration during our development sprints, to ensure we remain ahead of the game. Not only this, but we conduct regular meetings with clients to discuss any ideas they have so we can offer a bespoke service by updating the system to their requirements. We are already ahead of the game with the new legislation due to be enforced in the UK in April 2022, which is the ability to print calorific values on menus.
Find out more about this here.

Over the past year, we’ve released countless new features to our CaterCloud system, improving functionality to ensure its performance and stability remains as great as it is today. We have also provided added value by creating webinar content, FAQ documents, and information around what to expect with legislation changes, to clarify the information and ease the transition for our clients and other food providers out there.

CaterCloud are also partnered with the industry’s leading Allergen training professionals to provide classroom and online training for allergen management and many other qualifications. As a business we also offer free system training on how to make the best use out of Natasha’s law features in CaterCloud such as labelling, compound ingredients, ingredient uploads and bolding allergens in bulk from uploads.

If you want further guidance on any of these features or want to find out more, drop us an email at for further information or head to the CaterCloud website where our expert team is on hand to assist with any Natasha’s Law or new legislation queries via our live chat facility.

Published on December 13th, 2021

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