CaterCloud upgrade released with exciting new features

CaterCloud System Upgrade Alert

“Service industries are moving at a pace towards a technology-enabled future.
The food service industry is no different.  Commercial kitchen technology is seen in far more than just appliances, and across the sector, whether in restaurants, contract catering or hospital kitchens, kitchen and front of house teams expect and need more and more from technology systems.”

CaterCloud's IT Director, Luigi Salzano

They see technology improving many areas of their professional and personal lives and want the same from their workplace systems – and they are right to do so.

Electronic menus, responsive applications, advanced allergen, recipe and menu management and solid compliance with Natasha’s Law are all seen as essential in the market these days, and the challenge is to deliver these features ASAP.

CaterCloud’s IT Director, Luigi Salzano commented: “That’s the sort of challenge we love at CaterCloud!  We are a young company, but we have a wealth of experience through delivering our legacy Catercost system.

“We spend a lot of time thinking about new features for our system, and we spend a lot of time listening to users of our systems about what works for them. “

Foremost in our mind is that food and dining are aesthetic, organic experiences and so the technology we produce needs to reflect this.  Not every diner is happy with touchscreen ordering, for example, and so our solutions need to provide both a pleasant offline experience and a cutting-edge, digital experience.

Kitchen users, on the other hand, love all the automation we can give them.  And managers want more and more advanced dish and menu costing tools – one of our specialities – as well as detailed, easy to use product data.  They want their menu management software to seamlessly integrate with their ordering systems, and unsurprisingly they want the best value from their food suppliers.

We at CaterCloud can help with all of this.  Our latest product offers a wealth of features, all intuitive and easy to use in any commercial kitchen context, including:

  • Allergen hub and allergen tools
  • Natasha’s Law compliant labels
  • Store Cupboard ingredient data and pro-rated calculations
  • Mise-en-place ordering
  • Dish, recipe and menu planning
  • Rich nutritional data
  • Costing, sales and stock management
  • Head office tools
  • Access to the CaterCloud Buyers’ Club

Luigi continued, “We’ve built our product new, from the ground up, so our users get the benefit of both a completely new product and technology, but also our deep domain expertise.

“We’re excited to be planning our roadmap for the next year, which will include a range of cross-sector features, including multi-region RDA analysis, consumer profiles, flexible ordering experiences and rich communication tools.

“We’re really excited about showing off our new products!

“Technology will continue to advance in many sectors, and the food service industry is no exception to this.  At CaterCloud, we aim and firmly expect to be at the forefront of bringing you the features you need.”

Published on April 2nd, 2020

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