CaterCloud's FREE 'Labelnar' - webinar with a difference!

Did you miss our webinar? We've got a recorded link, resource pack and much more...

CaterCloud’s resident allergen and nutritional expert Rob Henry FIFST ACIEH, and Julian Edwards FIH FCSI CFSP, CEO of Allergen Accreditation, hosted our FREE live webinar and we had a great turn out and a very active Q&A session!

Many thanks to those who attended our live ‘Labelnar – focusing on Natasha’s Law Labelling and welcome to any newcomers who missed the webinar. We’ve got a link to view the recorded session, a handy downloadable Q&A doc and some great FREE resources and links.

Need further advice or help? As promised, for those that attended, you can book a FREE one-to-one session with Rob and Julian, all you need to do is complete the form here and provide us with your details and Rob will come back to you.

CaterCloud's 'Labelnar' - focusing on Natasha's Law Labelling

View CaterCloud’s recent live webinar to find out more about Natasha’s Law Labelling from our resident experts Rob Henry FIFST ACIEH and Julian Edwards FIH FCSI CFSP.

Your Questions Answered

We had some great questions put forward to Rob and Julian in our live Q&A.

We’ve produced a short, handy Q&A document, which lists all your questions and our answers for you to download/print, and look back on when needed.

For access to our Q&A document click here.

Allergen Accreditation Resource Pack

2021 Resource Pack from Allergen Accreditation.

In the resource pack which is available FREE to download, you will find information on PPDS, training, useful links and information on the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

To download the pack please click here.

There are also free handy kitchen and management posters available.

Is my food classed as Pre-Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS)?

The more we learn about the new laws for Pre-Packed for Direct Sale or PPDS (or Natasha’s Law) – the more it becomes obvious that it’s a big leap for caterers to set this up, get it going and monitor it when it’s in place!

Use our decision tree here to determine if the food you offer is covered by this legislation. For food to meet the PPDS criteria it MUST be ALL YES.

We’ve also got a downloadable PPDS document below, which explains all about PPDS and gives examples and scenarios of new labels.