Daymark: automated kitchen labelling

Daymark Safety Systems are a leading food safety company specialising in labelling solutions. CaterCloud have partnered with Daymark as one of our labelling partners to offer our clients a variety of labelling options by integrating food label printing system with our software.

With the introduction of new labelling legislation, such as Natasha’s Law in 2021 and new calorie Labelling legislation coming soon in 2022, there has been an increased need for the food industry to ensure accurate labelling information to protect their business and customers.

With all this new legislation, you may have to label items for sale including calories, ingredient, and allergen information. With all the best intentions, this is a virtually impossible task to do manually, especially when your suppliers may be substituting delivered products.

Without an efficient labelling solution, caterers may be handwriting labels, which can be time consuming and lead to an increased risk of mislabelling. Accuracy and legibility are also a concern with handwritten labels due to the amount of information that needs to be displayed. In these days of heightened awareness of allergens, ensuring your employees are aware of all allergens in a dish is imperative, especially if using handwritten labels. Failing to detail all allergens and relevant information on a label could leave your business open to litigation if the worst happens.

Nowadays you have the option to automate labelling, which is where Daymark comes in. Their automated labelling solutions means you can store your ingredients and recipes onto an easy-to-use handheld tablet, which is linked to a thermal label printer. Using this you can reduce your HACCP workload and print quality labels for your grab-and-go products.

Automation will streamline your kitchen processes, allowing your chefs to spend more time planning and creating dishes. Using such systems can save you more than an hour a day just on label printing, and our CaterCloud system which has Daymark integration is free to use, so the savings soon add up.

The Daymark MATT85 system works with our menu management software, CaterCloud, ensuring your labels are accurate with up-to-date information, but more importantly, meet  legal requirements.

Daymark also offer thermal labels which can be coated with removable glue, so they can come off easily without any unsightly residue on your pots and pans, as well as dissolvable labels that disintegrate when handwashing.

To find out more information about our printing partnership with Daymark and how you can get started linking It to your CaterCloud account, contact

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Published on March 3rd, 2022

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