EF Group launches CaterCloud. The secret ingredient for menu management success.

We are delighted to announce the launch of CaterCloud.

This is our easy-to-use, next generation allergen, nutrition, menu planning and costing system. It provides a wealth of functionality to ensure caterers gain efficiencies in their operations, control costs and increase profits. CaterCloud is free to use!

We know that 2020 has delivered significant challenges to the catering and hospitality sector and recognise how difficult it is for those operating in the sector to remain profitable in the short to medium term.

For caterers needing help with menu management – be they high street, hospitality, healthcare, education, or retail – CaterCloud offers effective menu planning with dish and menu costings. It also provides access to a nutritional database with 1,000s of ingredients and live customisable dashboards to record KPIs.

National Healthcare provider, Shaw Healthcare, has standardised its menu planning throughout the UK, using the tools within the platform to effectively manage the cost per resident per day. This helps Shaw Healthcare to ensure consistency across all of its homes whilst remaining within budget, according to occupancy.

CaterCloud is designed with food safety in mind and it remains a key focus for us as. The introduction of Natasha’s Law in October 2021 will see caterers bound by much stricter labeling requirements. That means even small establishments, who do not necessarily have the staff, time or knowledge, will need to put a full list of ingredients on food they have prepared and pre-packaged for sale on site. Importantly, CaterCloud also provides allergen information in compliant food labels for caterers to print.

We also offer customers access to a range of accredited training for allergens and food safety, which they can use to promote their regulatory compliance and keep their customers safe. This training is delivered in partnership with Allergen Accreditation – considered to be the benchmark for managing and disclosing allergens in line with legislation. CaterCloud users are also provided with updates about the latest legislation and changes to food law, alongside food safety training.

CaterCloud is more than an allergen management platform. It also offers customers QR code scanning so that they can see the nutritional content they require. Users can also search the database by dietary needs to build bespoke menus, such as for those requiring a fortified, vegan or diabetic diet.

We are aware of the challenges facing many caterers when purchasing ingredients – from ensuring that the supply chain is secure and accredited, to negotiating best value with supply partners. That’s why we are giving users of CaterCloud access to our parent company’s (e-foods) Buyers’ Club to help them benefit from its substantial buying power. Buyers’ Club is made up of a network of trusted, accredited suppliers across the UK. Clients who sign up for the Buyers’ Club can purchase food and non-food goods from these suppliers and expect to generate savings of between 5 to 10%.

CaterCloud is without doubt the smartest, most intuitive platform available to Caterers and the system is totally free to use.

Sign up today by clicking on the orange sign up button at the top of the page.

Published on September 1st, 2020

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