CaterCloud Pricing and Commercial Opportunities

including purchasing savings and how to receive CaterCloud for FREE

Key Features


  • Recognised Allergen and sub-Allergen identification and tagging
  • QR code scan for live dish allergen and nutritional content
  • Access to our Allergy hub with the latest industry information
  • Allergen matrix: online and printable matrix of allergen and sub-allergen's for within your menu selection


  • Access to national nutritional database with 1,000’s of ingredients
  • Create your own custom store cupboard ingredients
  • Ability to add own nutritional data to ingredients
  • Calculate nutrition on a per serving or per 100g basis
  • Micronutrients: extended tracking of nutrients and reporting against set targets

Menu planning

  • Create and print menus with professional customisable templates
  • Quick copy function to aid ingredient, recipe, dish and menu creation
  • Weekly meal planning to compare dishes to nutritional RDA's and costings to aid with providing a balanced menu in line with your key targets
  • Flexible rotational menus with drag and drop feature to assist the food production costs and balanced menu

Costing, sales & stock

  • Quick data entry for product and price changes
  • Recipe, dish and menu costing tool
  • Manage gross profit with warnings and alerts
  • Sales Mix Analysis to calculate total menu cash margin
  • System-generated buying lists based on number of portions required
  • Dedicated feature for Healthcare Sector: CPRD consumption forecasting model

Head office / Group benefits and other features

  • Head Office controlled user permissions
  • Head Office updates directly to your group
  • Customisable dashboard for all your key performance indicators
  • Free user training videos
  • Direct line and e-mail to support services
  • On-site training services available upon request
  • Data entry services available upon request
  • Ingredient upload: automated bulk upload of your supplier ingredient data

Food labels / Natasha's Law features

  • Print Natasha’s Law compliant food labels
  • Chefs mise-en-place facility - breakdown your preparation processes
  • Printers and labels
  • Customise print aliases for ingredients and recipes to change their display on recipe cards and labels
  • Detail compound ingredients with automatic bolding
  • Add use by/expiry dates to your recipes and dishes to print on labels from the system
  • Automatic Quidding of ingredients on labels to ensure compliance with Natasha's Law