Five reasons why our CaterCloud system can turn your business around

Food management made simple!. CaterCloud is the FREE to use next generation allergen, nutrition, menu planning and costing system that is dominating the market.

Here are our top five reasons why:

  1. It’s completely FREE! CaterCloud has no hidden costs behind the core functionality of the system. This means you have an instant saving for your menu management processes.
  2. You have access to thousands of ingredients, pre-populated with nutritional and allergen information from our curated supplier list of recognised UK national suppliers and the McCance & Widdowson Composition of foods integrated dataset.
  3. We take the hard work away! CaterCloud does all the calculations so that you don’t have to. The nutritional composition of your recipes and dishes are calculated from the ingredients that you use, and all the costings are totalled along the way. The system will also automatically profile the allergen information for all your recipes, dishes and menus and even compare the data to your own bespoke recommended daily allowance targets.
  4. Put the power in your hands. Control your site’s permissions from Head Office giving you full control over what your locations can and cannot do in the system. Share your ingredients list, recipes, dishes, and menus from head office for consistency and control over updates.
  5. Prepare for Natasha’s Law! Export your recipes allergen and nutritional information to display on your labels as well as using our allergen-trained team for advice on Natasha’s Law compliance.

If that wasn’t enough to get you thinking… CaterCloud allows you, the caterer, to control your costs by linking all your recipe costings to your suppliers’ costs allowing you to see the effects of any price changes, thus enabling you to pre-determine your selling price to achieve your desired margin. Simply put, CaterCloud enables you and your teams to control the business costs and profit.

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Published on June 1st, 2021

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