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Service, Systems, Expertise

e-f group – what we do

Service, Systems, Expertise

Saving you money through smart buying and smart systems

  • Experience Counts

With a host of procurement industry and technical systems expertise, e-f group can quickly get to work on saving you time and money.

  • Smart Buying

Whether you’re buying rice or railway sleepers, our experts will help you to scour the market and get the best prices.

  • Great IT Systems

The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. We’ll help you to move forward with our market-leading IT systems.

Our Companies

CaterCloud, the secret ingredient to menu management

Food management made simple. Next generation allergen, nutrition, menu planning and costing system.

At CaterCloud, we believe your time should be spent doing the things you enjoy. That’s why CaterCloud is built to make life easier for you.
With customisable dashboards, ingredient and recipe libraries, fine-detailed costings, weekly and cyclical menu planning, and a strong focus on compliance and Natasha’s Law, we’re revolutionising menu management!

CaterCloud provides you and your clients with live allergen information 24/7. With around 21 million adults in the UK suffering from at least one allergy, food safety is at the top of everyone’s agenda. So, we aim to raise awareness to ensure all our catering clients are prepared in advance for Natasha’s Law in 2021.  We are committed to continuous investment in CaterCloud, to provide the leading all-in-one menu management solution.

For further details please contact the CaterCloud team on 0161 441 3443 or email  or take a look at the website here.

e-foods, the leading independent supplier of systems and supply chain management

e-foods gives businesses a leading-edge B2B platform that provides the care, education and hospitality sectors with total compliance and cost control, ensuring food security and environmentally sustainable food management.

Whether you’re looking to grow your profits, reduce your costs or remove the complexities around ordering and invoice management we have the right solution and ordering and nutritional platform to support you. By utilising our innovative technology, working with e-foods and CaterCloud will significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with food management.

e-foods deliver service beyond expectation, the best food at the right price and deliver bankable results.

For further details please contact Steve Walker on 07837 212719 or email or visit our website here.

e-f healthcare – specialists in our field

The leading independent supplier to the care sector, is already delivering huge benefits for thousands of business owners just like you.

You’re in good hands we promise. Between us, our team has over 160 years of procurement in food service and healthcare catering and we deliver bankable results for our customers. We already partner with 3,000 care homes, across the UK daily.

There is strength in numbers and by aggregating our clients’ buying volumes, we drive down their costs. There is no compromise on quality – just the same products, but, for less. And where that’s simply not possible, we can find them an alternative product that will suit their menus and their budget.

Online ordering should be easy! Our freshmarkets ordering system was designed especially for healthcare and it saves our clients’ valuable time and money, by offering integrated budgeting tools (allowing for flexibility on spending linked to occupancy) and tailored online dashboards that allow them to track their spending, analyse trends and make comparisons at the touch of a button. And, of course, to send multiple orders anywhere, anytime, with just one click.

For further details please contact Stephen Gallagher on 07834 175458 or email or visit the website here.