Does your team need allergy training?

Are your staff fully prepared for Natasha’s Law 2021?

Allergen Awareness training is essential for all catering businesses and new allergen labeling laws and best practice examples- from Accredited businesses- are proof that training for staff on allergens is as paramount as food safety!

CaterCloud is partnering with Allergen Accreditation to provide fully accredited Allergen awareness training for catering staff and managers.

Rob Henry, CaterCloud’s Quality Assurance Manager explained why CaterCloud is promoting this fully accredited Allergen Awareness and Management training.

Rob said, “Catering operations need to ensure that their staff are fully prepared to deal with the increasing focus on consumer safety, the prevalence of food allergies and the introduction of Natasha’s Law in 2021.

“It is important to ensure legal compliance and to empower staff to be able to recommend dishes to food hypersensitive customers with confidence and thereby strengthen the service offering. CaterCloud has a shared interest in ensuring our customers are fully prepared for Natasha’s Law and with our network we are well placed to support the catering sector to enhance its overall allergen compliance.”

What will learners gain from the Allergen courses?

Learners achieving these qualifications will have knowledge and understanding relating to the control of food ingredients, including allergens, at all stages of food purchase and production.

They will also gain a personal certificate for Highfield level 2 or level 3 Allergen Management.

Topics covered include:

  • Knowledge of allergens and their control,
  • Accurate communication of ingredient information from supplier to consumer,
  • The importance of practical controls to reduce the risk of allergenic contamination and methods of managing ingredient controls and procedures,
  • The manager’s role in ensuring food ingredients are effectively managed.

These topics are regarded by the Food Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production and service of safe foods and beverages.

Courses can be provided flexibly online, or at your premises.

Having completed the course your staff will be fully prepared to,

  • Understand their role in providing clear information to your customers,
  • Comply with Natasha’s Law (The new labeling requirements currently (April 2020) being regulated)
  • Strengthen your reputation for food allergen safety and so attract new customers.

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Highfield Level 2 Food Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering. This course is suitable for general allergen awareness knowledge -catering assistants, counter staff, coffee bar assistants, apprentice chefs 5-hour course

Highfield level 3 Food Allergen Management in Catering. This course is aimed at supervisors, managers, chefs to provide a more in-depth knowledge of allergen management 8-hour course

Highfield Accredited The Purple Allergen Plan – an interactive allergen awareness workshop. This can be adapted to suit the group; it is interactive and provides the knowledge required and solutions to implement better allergen management procedures in the workplace – 4-5 hours

Food Safety, HACCP and advanced to level 4 courses– a selection of courses for both food business operators and manufacturers are available.  Details on request and for specific requirements one of our colleagues can discuss this with you

Or, to discuss your requirements email:

or call 0161 441 3443

Published on February 11th, 2020

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