How can caterers deliver compliance and control costs?

Delivering compliance and controlling costs to ensure profitability are two of the most important elements of catering operations. Adhering to regulations has become increasingly important, with allergen laws coming into effect and recent changes in food labelling.

Keeping up with the changes in legislation is a tough task for all caterers, from big corporate contract caterers to the local café in the high street. Most larger companies will have a department to keep the business compliant, but small local businesses must keep their ear to the ground.

Food safety management is all about complying with food hygiene and standards. The HACCP procedure allows you to identify potential food hazards and ensure those risks are removed or reduced. have information packs for small businesses to help them put procedures into place – click here to download.

We’re all aware of the issues mislabelling causes and the inconvenience of a product recall, not to mention the financial implications. Having the correct information and understanding the legislations is paramount to making sure you do not fall foul of these issues.

Increasing product costs in catering operations threatens to drive down profit margins, so cost control is more important now than ever. Unpredictable product costs and food wastage means that caterers need to ensure their purchasing cycle is managed to maintain profitability. There are numerous ways in which this can be achieved:

  • Design menus to reduce wastage with the potential to repurpose ingredients
  • Agree prices in advance with suppliers and build relationships to maintain them.
  • Ensure chefs are trained to follow quantities and portion sizes
  • Ensure any supplier price increases are updated on the recipes live and reflect in the profit margins
  • Set targets for gross profits on each recipe on your menu
  • Monitor which recipes are most popular to reduce waste from less popular options
  • Ensure stock levels are maintained – overstocking takes up valuable space and available funds, and can lead to wastage

Our FREE menu management tool, CaterCloud, manages all of this for you, allowing you to set and view profit margins on recipes, control stock, and remain compliant with allergen training and labelling tools. Live menu costings help you to see how your business is performing every day, allowing you more time to focus on producing quality food at the best price, leading to more customers and greater profitability.

All this backed up by a dedicated team to help you every step of the way to ensure your business remains compliant so you can focus on what you do best – cooking and serving your clients.

Training resources:

Work with a trusted technology partner who has your back and is in tune with the latest rules and regulations, all for FREE. Sign up for a demo here or email us for further information:

Take a look here at our additional training for allergen management and food safety.

Published on January 27th, 2022

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