Maximise profit with portion and serving size

When it comes to menu management, portion and serving size are especially important in certain sectors such as care and education when looking to maximise profit. School children and elderly people have different requirements for their nutrition and calorie intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Businesses such as these also usually have tight budgets, so balancing profit margins whilst ensuring the wellbeing of their customers is essential.

BI reporting can help businesses keep track of key metrics such as profit, spend at site level, and trends. This can help businesses manage spend, spot suitable more cost-effective alternatives where needed and maximise profit.

Our CaterCloud menu management system has a plethora of features to set targets, and help businesses cost meals and calculate nutritional and calorific information when inputting recipes. The menu planner offers a traffic light system against nutritional recommended daily allowance and daily target price to clearly outline where alternative options or improvements need to be made.

This is especially useful for care homes that work towards cost per resident per day (CPRD), so they can manage daily budgets accurately and maximise profit. The menu planner feature further offers flexibility with an easy-to-use drag and drop system, so chefs can move recipes around throughout the week to suit their customers’ needs.

The costing tool in CaterCloud is a huge benefit to our clients, such as government run schools where strict budgets apply. In the CaterCloud menu planner, users can see the average cost per person, or resident, per day throughout the week. This ensures that meals are created within daily budgets, to maintain profit margin without compromising on nutritional values.

When combined with our purchasing platform Freshmarkets, our customers benefit from a customised BI reporting tool through Power BI, which helps our clients manage profit further as well as other business KPIs.

One way in which our clients save money is by monitoring product spend across all sites. All items they purchase through our system are shown on the report so our clients and account managers can both see if one site is spending more than another with the same number of residents. This can then be investigated at site level to improve efficiencies and bring spend in line with the other like-for-like sites.

Clients can then access the data they need easily on any device, enabling them to pull up-to-date reports at any time. For example, when clients want to compare spend across multiple sites, the reporting tool helps to highlight where potential savings can be made.

As the costs of operating a business in today’s economy increases, the already slim margin for profit narrows. Reducing product waste can also help maintain profit margins, by ensuring as much product is used once opened, especially foods with a short life span. Planning meals accordingly to utilise these ingredients once opened can reduce wastage and financial loss.

CaterCloud is the leading integrated solution for allergen, nutrition, menu planning and cost management – sign up here or contact for more information about our system developments.

Published on November 14th, 2022

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