Natasha's Law

What you need to know, plus special rates available for food labels and printers.

The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, came into effect on 1 October 2021 and requires food businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on foods pre-packaged for direct sale on the premises.

The legislation has been introduced to help allergy sufferers make informed choices and give them confidence in the food they buy. In June 2020, new updated Technical Guidance from the Food Standards Agency was issued to businesses to begin preparations for the new enhanced labelling requirements effective 1 October 2021 for businesses in the UK. This will result in a full ingredients list to be produced on all pre-packed for direct sale items (PPDS). As WELL as the PRODUCT NAME on the packaging.

Key points:

Notes: PPDS “Food is considered pre-packed when it is put into packaging BEFORE being offered for sale and:

It does not cover food which is packaged only when the customer selects or orders it, for e.g. in a sandwich/deli bar, a label is not required.

Is my food classed as pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS)?

Use our decision tree here to determine if the food you offer is covered by this legislation. For food to meet the PPDS criteria it MUST be ALL YES.

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