Our mission is to lead the field in integrated solutions for Allergen, Nutrition, Menu Planning and Costing.

About CaterCloud

CaterCloud helps hundreds of caterers to deliver compliance and control costs while helping to reduce food safety risks.

CaterCloud is an innovation in food management, its leading-edge platform helps you to manage your food offering from front desk to the kitchens, helping you to gain efficiency in your catering operations. Live menu costings help you to see how your business is performing every day, allowing you more time to focus on producing quality food at the best price, which leads to more customers and greater profitability.

CaterCloud provides you and your clients with live allergen information 24/7. With around 21 million adults in the UK suffering from at least one allergy, food safety is at the top of everyone’s agenda. So, we aim to raise awareness to ensure all our catering clients are prepared in advance for Natasha’s Law in 2021.  We are committed to continuous investment in CaterCloud, to provide the leading all-in-one menu management solution.

Forward thinking IT: putting you in control, decreasing risk & improving your profitability.



We understand your challenges and focus on ensuring you have the most innovative cloud-based solutions.


Our in-house experts provide the best possible information and support about Allergens, Nutrition, Technology, Catering and Food.

Food Safety:

Our priority is to provide you with the safest system to manage allergens, nutrition and HACCP.


We seek out every route to efficiency for your business by enhancing processes, standardising the way your methods and menus are displayed, and saving costs.


We keep you informed of the latest legal and food safety requirements, alongside catering business intelligence, through our links to the Food Standards Agency & Allergen Accreditation.


We seek out the most sustainable procurement solutions and champion new ideas that support carbon reduction.

Team focus:

Food safety is our priority, as it is yours. We are investing to ensure CaterCloud helps to manage allergens effectively and keep you compliant.
We reduce the cost of purchasing. Our Buyers' Club provides you with the means to lower your costs across all your purchasing categories from food to utilities.
We are committed to working with you to develop system enhancements that meet your requirements.
We work to create greater value for you by helping you to improve efficiency and control costs.
We go the extra mile to help you to succeed.
We ensure service excellence for you, so you can provide your customers with the highest quality food.