Planglow: your one-stop solution for labelling compliance  

Expert labelling and packaging provider, Planglow, offers the labelling solution when it comes to helping e-f group’s clients remain compliant by meeting the requirements laid out by the latest food labelling legislation, such as Natasha’s Law and the Calorie Labelling Regulations. Planglow’s multi-award-winning labelling app, LabelLogic Live, used alongside their high-quality food labels are recommended to ensure compliance with the regulations and peace of mind for your business.

What is Planglow’s solution and how will it help your business?

With LabelLogic Live, caterers can create and print their own branded food labels, including basic product information, barcodes, Q.U.I.D.S, nutritional data, reference intakes, and allergen information.

Planglow has teamed up with e-f group’s cutting-edge food management platform, CaterCloud, to enable operators to design and print labels, tickets, and menus in the LabelLogic Live app with live data retrieved from Catercloud. This partnership offers seamless data management, thanks to automatic syncing so your labels will always be accurate, up-to-date, and legally compliant.

How can you start using LabelLogic Live?

It’s easy to get started with LabelLogic Live. All you need is a box of labels and a subscription to the cost-effective software which is priced at just £120 per year, or £13 per month.

Hardware costs are not a concern; the app is accessible via any internet-connected device (laptop, mobile phone, computer, etc). An added benefit is that you can easily print your labels using a standard home or office printer.

What do the latest rounds of legislation mean for food and drink providers?

Natasha’s Law came into force last October (2021) followed by the Calorie Labelling Regulations which came into effect this April (2022). While many food and drink operators were prepared for the legislation, Planglow estimates that a third of businesses had nothing in place when Natasha’s Law passed.

Planglow’s Technical Director, Richard Newman commented, “It’s been a challenging time for operators of all sizes, however, large scale organisations have been able to dedicate greater resources towards compliance well ahead of the deadline. Meanwhile, many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) were understandably less prepared. Concerns regarding if and how their business would survive the pandemic took the lead while prolonged periods of closure or limited trading all too frequently left operators lacking the time and perceived costs of implementing changes in line with the new laws”.

Natasha’s Law applies to any operator regardless of their size, that are offering food pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS). These businesses must now include a full ingredient declaration on the pack of PPDS items with allergens highlighted (most commonly in bold).

The Calorie Labelling Regulations only impact large (250+ employees) out of home operators who are now required to publish calorific values of most foods and drinks at the customer’s ‘point of choice’. This ranges from online menus to physical displays and labelling. There are a lot of exemptions and specifics to the Calorie Labelling Regulations, and you can find further information here.

For more information about Planglow labels visit their website. To get in touch, contact our CaterCloud team on or contact Planglow directly on 0117 317 8600 or via email

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Published on April 26th, 2022

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