Proud partnerships that enhance our allergen expertise

Want to know how we keep our CaterCloud system up-to-date with the latest essential allergen advice? Read on to find out more.

CaterCloud’s FREE to use, next generation allergen, nutrition, menu planning and costing solution includes a multitude of allergen features to ensure our clients remain compliant when Natasha’s Law comes into effect on 1 October 2021.

These features include, but are not limited to:

  • PPDS compliant labelling
  • Customisable recipe cards and labels
  • Automatic QUIDDING of ingredients on labels
  • FREE access to allergen training and nutritional support line
  • System generated compound ingredients to print on your Natasha’s Law compliant labels

Of course, CaterCloud value outside expertise so that we can stay ahead of the game with the latest allergen advice, which is why we’re proudly partnered with Allergen Accreditation and corporate members of the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Allergen Accreditation provide the benchmark for operators to develop their KPI’s, systems and procedures for managing the new legislation as well as FULL allergen disclosure.

They provide us with training, support, and useful links to all the information we need to ensure that CaterCloud remains on top of any changes in allergen law. They have also been heavily involved in the development of our FREE to use system to ensure if meets the standards of an ‘Allergy Aware’ business.

Anaphylaxis Campaign are the only UK wide charity operating solely for the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. They have been providing information and support to patients and their families for over 25 years. They also work with and educate people in the food industry, schools, health professionals and other key audiences.

They provide us with vital information and advice to keep us up-to-date with news around allergens, such as surveys supporting research about severe allergies and anaphylaxis. CaterCloud also get involved with awareness raising initiatives alongside the Anaphylaxis Campaign and help to raise money in line with their fundraising events.

Having these partnerships are essential to CaterCloud remaining ahead of the curve with any allergen news and changes in allergen Laws, so we can communicate these with our current and future clients and ensure they are well trained in allergy awareness.

Train your team with our Nationally recognised certification

In partnership with Allergen Accreditation, our highly acclaimed industry experts can deliver training for your teams at your location or an agreed venue. The training will improve the knowledge of your team members which will help them provide confident customer service and will also offer protection for your customers and security for your business.

Want to know more about CaterCloud and the advantages it can have for your business including the fact it’s FREE? Then email or call us on 0161 441 3443.

CaterCloud are also hosting a FREE ‘Labelnar’ – webinar with a difference around the specifics of labelling when it comes to Natasha’s Law, showcasing the reality of what PPDS looks like in the workplace in a real kitchen with real caterers. To register your attendance please click here.

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Published on July 14th, 2021

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