Stay ahead of the game with CaterCloud – we’re revolutionising menu management

CaterCloud is our leading integrated solution for allergen, nutrition, menu planning and cost management system that is FREE to use and we are continually investing in the system to make sure we stay ahead of the game, so YOU, the caterer, do not have to.

CaterCloud was built to make life easier for the catering industry and our way of giving back to the industry on which we were founded and with customisable dashboards, ingredient and recipe libraries, fine-detailed costings, weekly and recurring menu planning, it is revolutionising menu management.

Our team here at CaterCloud constantly work with our current clients, conducting regular research in advanced tech and undertake relevant training to make sure the platform is not clouded by any other on the market.

Working with clients is something that the team thrives on, it enables us to look at ways around challenges that they face, which in turn leads to the production of additional features and enhancements to the system, thus creating an agile world beating system.

CaterCloud’s investment pathway starts with our own in-house development and continuous meetings around blue-sky innovation plus the purchase of our own UK based Air Publishing platform, which has a team of dedicated developers to completely focus on making CaterCloud the number one platform out there.

With all this investment, it will enable CaterCloud to move quickly to the changing market needs as we also work alongside our large client base to develop areas our clients feel there is a need or priority.

Given the fact that food safety is at the forefront of caterer’s minds with the upcoming release of Natasha’s Law in October of this year, our cloud-based system is already leading the way forward with it’s strong focus on compliance. We even go that extra mile and ensure that our clients’ teams are well trained in allergy awareness.

Want to know more about CaterCloud and the advantages it can have for your business including the fact it’s FREE? Then please email or call us on 0161 441 3443.

Published on June 11th, 2021

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