What is the secret ingredient to menu management? Well, its CATERCLOUD!

This free to use platform (yes, FREE) is our gift to YOU THE CATERER in these challenging times, not only will you SAVE you money by not paying monthly fees or expensive data handling charges, but you will also actively be saving time and effort.

CaterCloud GIVES you the tools to:

  • Effectively plan and design menus with cost per PORTION in mind
  • Balance menus within your own chosen guidelines
  • Calculate nutrition on a per serving or per 100g basis
  • Manage the allergen profiles of all your recipes and dishes
  • Link ingredients to carefully checked and managed data sets for example McCance and Widdowson
  • Create your own store cupboard ingredients with your nutritional data (from your supply chain)
  • Manage stock
  • Print recipe cards for front or back of house reference guides (including pictures)
  • Print compliant food and prep labels (ready for the introduction of Natasha’s Law in 2021)
  • Print menus in varying styles

CaterCloud enables you the operator to optimise your costs while ensuring your customers dietary and personal requirements are met.

Our easy-to-use online system empowers both management and chefs and gives you multiple logins at the same site free of charge, with the ability to keep staff informed using customisable dashboards.

You can create recipes by simply selecting products from your ingredient list and then assign dietary or cuisine tags like vegetarian or halal and you can also use other tags such as #CHEESY or #CREAMY.

With the recipes in the system all your sites can have access to your central recipe bank to ensure compliance and consistency across your whole estate, or, using our permissions tool you can restrict the recipes they can use. All this leading to the creation of bespoke menus.

You can create a simple daily menu or you can expand and use our newly developed weekly menu planner and all menus can be assessed based on the traffic light system against RDA for macro nutrients, cost per portion or even salt targets, you set the parameters.

Once your menus are created you can then print them with your own logos using our customisable templates each one with a unique QR code carrying live information at the second of scanning, with automatic updates if any recipes or ingredients are changed. So, if changes are made after printing, they will automatically filter through to the QR code keeping your customers in the loop! So no reprinting costs.

This platform is not just a recipe holder, you can even control your HACCP processes using CaterCloud’s built-in tools and templates and it is cloud-based, so no need for expensive software downloads plus it is optimised for all browsers, PC’s, mobile and tablets.

In addition to all these great features, you can also have access to our Buyer’s Club, with up to £80m of group buying power, you could save money across multiple areas of your procurement NOT JUST FOOD.

Did we mention that you get this all for FREE?

Sign up to today and start taking advantage of this leading platform.

Published on June 7th, 2021

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