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Nutritional details

CaterCloud calculates the nutritional value of all menus for clear labelling to your diners.

Seafood Pasta

Each serving (150g) contains

Nutritional values

Allergen details:

CaterCloud provides transparent allergen information on all menus for your customers.

Seafood Pasta (333kcal)

Allergens contained:
Crustacean, Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide

Crab Gluten Sulphur

QR Code

CaterCloud generates a QR code for each menu showing the nutritional and allergen information for each meal.

QR Code

Scan me for nutritional information

Our Sectors

Food allergies are life changing.

Food allergy related hospital admissions are up 500% since 1990.

With around 2 million people in the UK living with a diagnosed food allergy, CaterCloud makes labelling easier, so your customers can check they are allergy safe.

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Catering professionals choose CaterCloud for:

Allergen safe menus

You can automatically generate professional looking menus for your customers using CaterCloud’s ready-to-use templates which provide your customers with essential nutritional and allergen content and which will give you the ability to print mandatory food labels.

Allergen safe menus

Simple access to allergen and nutritional information

Each menu has its own auto generated QR Code. A quick scan of this code gives your customers instant access to live information about your menu’s allergen and nutrition information.
Scan the code below now to see how easy it is to use!

Create and share consistent recipes

The recipes you create are saved in a safe, accessible and instantly updatable format. CaterCloud lets you create your own recipe specifications with full batch scalability, allergen and nutritional content and HACCP information. You can share your own methods, ingredients and photos by mobile, tablet or print.

Save time and improve efficiency

Streamline your kitchen processes, including updating prices, counting stock or analysing sales. With all ingredients, recipe and menu data held securely in one place, CaterCloud helps you to reduce time wastage and human error.

Focus on making excellent food

With the reassurance that you are supported by our in-house team who can provide you with unrivalled technical support and industry expertise.

Increase profitability and reduce food waste

You have the information at hand to help reduce costs and increase margins because CaterCloud monitors your stock levels and calculates the costs and margins for every meal you serve.

The most advanced allergen, menu management and costing system.

Partnered with, accredited by and members of Allergen Accreditation, Anaphylaxis Campaign, Planglow and Daymark.

CaterCloud is instrumental in helping us cost recipes and keep track of the price of ingredients. Alex has been patient and kind in explaining the many features and it is an invaluable source of information for us, making quoting and costing so much quicker and easier. Many thanks for all your help Alex. All at Eat West Country.

Eat West Country

I’ve been really impressed with the system since I started using it. The team are fantastic and always have time to help. I would highly recommend.

Andrew Leak,
West Norfolk Pub

When we found CaterCloud we were delighted to discover that it had been designed with our industry in mind – a system that allowed us to create consistency in our service offering whilst also allowing our catering staff the freedom and flexibility to cater for specific requirements within the individual homes. The allergen information it provides us with is a key benefit. When Natasha’s Law comes into force next year it is going to throw a real spotlight on this issue again. CaterCloud takes any of the guesswork out of this and ensures that all our meals are compliant.

Gavin Henderson,
Shaw Healthcare

My Chefs use CaterCloud every day and it has become part of daily business operations. We wouldn’t be without it now.

Mitch Tonks,
The Seahorse and Rockfish

It took a little while to build our database, but we have had excellent help along the way, the support has been amazing!

Mark Edgell,
Dog and Partridge Yateley

From the start CaterCloud is the easiest, user friendly system that gives the exact information we require for our clients. Everything on CaterCloud is simple and well organised from the process to the layout – with our logo! The thing that got me most excited like a little kid again was the simple QR code and link that allows our clients to simply download the menus to see the information they require at the click of a button. Brilliant! The training is informative and precise, with aftercare questions very quickly responded to and always there to help and advise. Thank you Alex G. One happy customer!

Warren Odell,
Amey, Area Operations Catering Manager

We have found CaterCloud to be a very valuable tool in designing menus, costings and allergen advice for our contract catering business. Things have moved on now with CaterCloud and I cannot wait to get to grips with the new design and improvements. What sets it apart - a company that listens and understands the needs of my business and comes up with the goods. Thank you!

Gary Stokes,
Ashlyns, Project Director

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